Friday, February 13, 2009


UPDATE: The Democrats finally made the bill's language available around 11 p.m. Thursday, approximately 10 hours before members meet Friday to consider the bill and 38 hours short of the time promised Americans to review the bill.


Clinton wants 'more balance' on airwaves

Even though no member of Congress has scheduled hearings on the Fairness Doctrine, it remains on a hot topic on both liberal and conservative shows.

Today, radio host Mario Solis Marich asked former President Bill Clinton if it was time for "some type of enforced media accountability."

"Well, you either ought to have the Fairness Doctrine or we ought to have more balance on the other side," Clinton said, "because essentially there's always been a lot of big money to support the right wing talk shows and let face it, you know, Rush Limbaugh is fairly entertaining even when he is saying things that I think are ridiculous...."

Clinton said that there needs to be either "more balance in the programs or have some opportunity for people to offer countervailing opinions." Clinton added that he didn't support repealing the Fairness Doctrine, an act done under Reagan's FCC.

In the past week, a couple Democratic Senators, Debbie Stabenow and Tom Harkin, have both spoken favorably about the Fairness Doctrine, or holding hearings on radio accountability.

Transparency? Nope.

No lobbyists in power positions? Nope.

No more 'culture of corruption'? Really?!

It's going to get real ugly when the Obamatron's figure out they have been played.

Count on it.

Say, Bill: how come nobody has heard that the #2 city with the most kidnappings is Phoenix? I would think that 'the media' would have 'balanced' that out in the last year. I mean, it's not like the GOP candidate was FROM THERE!

And McCain? Why have you been so silent on this issue, huh? Where the f*ck is all that 'straight talk'? You both are full of crap.

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