Friday, July 17, 2009

Club Med

A few thoughts on Club Med.

I understand this is a 'french' based company, and the entire philosophy was based upon that. But, as someone who has travelled extensively and stayed at many resorts, it was.....interesting.

My first thought is the young folks they get to work there are pretty engaging. They take certain parts of thier jobs seriously. All the G.O's have to perform in the shows at night, so there are alot of European dancers working during the day in the kids club, on the course, etc...And while the shows are cute, Paul only did one day of the kids club, because he did not dig it.

The shows themselves were cute. On Pirate night, they staged a maritime battle between Pirate crews. Of course at the end, the mermaids Pirates and various players all made nicey nice.

Even the 'race' was a tie. Paul got a medal, though.

They even make the kids go to the disco and pretend to be interested in the drunken caterwaulings of guests and the 'band in the box':

Paul loved it.

I kept in touch by recording some local shows during the day, and popping on the phones at night when the kid was sleeping.

It's all about Paul.

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