Monday, November 9, 2009

Teaching Paul

"Let the government run the schools, and it may end up teaching your children values that offend you. Let the government have new powers to fight terrorism, and it may use those extraordinary powers in the pursuit of ordinary crimes. Let the federal government give the states money for highways, and it may eventually use its money to impose its own rules on the states."

Sesame Street has the neocons pantied in a wad over a parody they did:

This is where guys like Brietbart and their fellow travellers miss the mark. It's quite one thing to be on a foreign stage on the eve of a war and speak poorly of your country and POTUS, and another to get upset about Oscar the Grouch.

That being said, I do see some liberal agenda in my childs preschool class.

For instance, Rainbow Fish.

This is a book peddled to children to instill Socialist or Communist values. The storyline goes: there is a fish with beautiful scales that no other fish likes. In order to make the collective like him, he must give away all his scales until every fish has one glittering scale. Then, and only then, is the fish 'accepted'.

Now, am I going to get upset over this? Why? I'll just tell Paul that the book is wrong. Shel Siverstein wrote a couple good books, but he was a devout socialist.

The only problem I can see is that PBS gets taxpayers $$. Therefore, it should not infuse politics or policy into it's programming.

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