Monday, December 21, 2009

Hopin for some change?

Ha ha. Thanks Obama! Now, the insurance companies will have 30 million more
mandated customers! I love me some Obama today!

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Here's a problem I see with the GOP.

"The House GOP lawmakers on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s delegation to Copenhagen pulled no punches in their criticism of plans to curb carbon emissions."

So let me get this straight. It takes SIX republicans to speak out against Pelosi in
Copenhaagen? Why not just send ONE GOP to make the statement? Have a presser and have ONE pol speak out against it, but when you send 6 on the public dime, that is 'wasteful'. The thing to do is send one guy and point out they could have sent 5 more, but they were thinking about the carbon footprint...

But, no, these 6 were 'invited'. Which means a nice little junket to go eat in fancy restaurants, fly on expensive jets, and get foreign hookers and booze. THIS is what is wrong with the 2 parties now.

The GOP is no better.