Friday, April 23, 2010

spare the rod

From press reports

A new media study among 1,378 Americans revealed that among political parties, more Republicans (73%) reported spanking their children compared to Democrats (60%) and Independents (61%).

In addition, a slightly higher number of Republicans (89%) reported being spanked as a child compared to Democrats (87%) and Independents (86%). Despite recent study findings, the vast majority of Republicans (78%) did not think that spanking may cause aggression in children, while fewer Democrats (58%) disagreed with the findings.

Among the findings:

Have you ever spanked your child or children?

Democrat: 60 percent, yes; 40 percent, no Republican: 73 percent, yes; 27 percent, no Independent: 61 percent yes, 39 percent no

Were you ever spanked when you were a child? Democrat: 87 percent, yes; 13 percent, no Republican: 89 percent, yes; 11 percent, no Independent: 86 percent yes; 14 percent, no

Do you think spanking children causes them to be more aggressive?

Democrat: 42 percent, yes; 58 percent, no Republican: 22 percent, yes; 78 percent, no Independent: 39 percent, yes; 61 percent, no

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