Wednesday, July 14, 2010

portable a/c in the pop up

cheap solutions for a/c @ Disney's Fort Wilderness in the pop up. It was the 2nd week of July and during an East Coast heatwave....I used a portable number I already had ( about 250$), vented it out the bunk end, and put a pair of jeans around the tube..When gone, I covered it up and turned it off. By day 2, I let it run all day and fashioned a vent cover out of a styrofoam cooler. I used a 1$ 'emergency blanket' and clothespins pirchased at the Dollar General to help reflect the sun away from the bunkened over the a/c.

I didn't need to empty it until the end of our 6 day trip, and it had a good amount in the reservior...I think if I could get a tube attached to the drain and empty it in the sink, it would be better. But, it actually made this trip livable.

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