Sunday, August 14, 2011

this parade of fools

Pawlenty: Puh-lenty of crap. Out of the race.

Herman Cain: his answer to the Iran problem proved he is only capable as a cabinet
level position. If he honestly thinks we can defeat the shieks and militants by energy independance, he is mistaken. Time is against us. We do not have the infrastructure nor the political will to pull it off. Sorry, Cain your not Able.

Huntsman: who-man? Do we really need another holy underwear crusader in the mix? Good grief. We need to run screaming from the religious crazies like they were on fire.

Bachmann: which brings us to her. Her husband's 'wide stance' and her Palin-esque non mastery of simple history and facts will bury her. If this is the best the Tea Party (tm) can come up with, give it back to the British!

Newt Gingrinch : Newt? Not. A Prayer. Need I go on?

Rick Santorum: You know, he's not that bad fiscally, but he is another bible thumper. His views on same sex marriage dont jive with me. I'm just not that concerned about the 'state of marriage', and even if I was, I doubt I would want this guy as it's Representative. So, that leaves......

Rick Perry: Honestly, I dont know much about him. My first impression is he is Bush-like, even though there is no love lost between them.If I have to choose a Texan then I guess I go for...

Ron Paul. Well, I'be been one of those 'Paul-tards' a 'Ron-Bot' and I admit I have bias. He EASILY wontthe debate and came in 2nd in the straw poll. Best of the litter.

Dishonorable mention: Trump and Palin. Enough already!

Honorable Mention: Gary Johnson. He is getting 'Ron Paul Screwed' this time. He should be heard, but it is his time in the barrel.

That's my 2 cents.

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