Monday, December 1, 2008

The frozen nut club

This weekend, I escaped with the missus and the fruit of my loins for a well deserved beach 'break' in lovely Myrtle Beach.

Unfortunately for us, it was cold as hell and rainy.

We stayed @ the 'Dunes Resort' which has an indoor heated waterpark, perfect for the 3 year old swimmer.

Outside our 6th floor balcony, there were 2 heated pools underneath. Well, actually, only one was heated.

Friday night, as my wife and child were dozing off, I heard squeals of delight eminating from the pools under my balcony. A quick investigation showed a cadre of 12-13 years old boys playing in the water. No one else, only a gang of young ruffians, having a blast.

If I sat down in the chair, they could not see me, but I was aware of thier conversations.

One of the boys exclaimed ' let's have a frozen nut contest! We will all go run down the pier onto the beach, and into the sea! Last one to get out wins the 'frozen nut award!'

I giggled to myself, haven't we all done stupid things like this as teens? I watched the group run screaming into the water. Then, almost immediately, 2 boys came flying back, and into the heated pool, laughing maniacally all the way. About a minute later, 2 more arrived, with one of the 2 being the smartass that offered the contest.

That left 2 in the ocean. Then, I started to get a little nervous. I could not see them in the water, but I heard them, and they had been out there for a goodly 10 minutes. I started thinking 'damn, should I do something about this? one of these kids could get hurt or die...'

With that one came running back, and the other waited another minute just to prove a point. As he came running back, they all excaimed 'frozen nut! frozen nut!' and clapped him on the back when he got in the pool.

I felt a little ashamed, having worried for no reason. Then, a little creepy that I had been a part of this without them knowing it....

It lead me to wondering about my boy. Which one of these kids would he be? The first one out? The last one? Or the silly bastard that thought the frozen nut contest up? Or would he just say 'hell no, I'm not going into the cold ass sea in the dark!'

The frozen nut award. Classic!

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