Friday, January 30, 2009


Let me see if I have this straight.

First, Obama appoints Hillary as Sec State. Only she has definite 'conflicts of interest', right? Her husbands 'charity' get's 25 mil from the Saudi's and even more from the Chinese. So how is that going to square with 'reducing carbon footprints' and what's going to happen the next time China jumps ugly over Taiwan?

Then, his appointment for the Fed has cheated on his taxes ( by not filing properly )....TWICE!

His old seat was up for sale by a crooked gov that just got thrown out.

Merely three days after being 'sworn in' in secrecy, the American people want to know the events surrounding the US air-strikes that killed at least 20 people in Pakistan.

And the reply, from the Presidency that has made transparency a top priority?

"I'm not going to get into these matters."

"How is it transparent," another reporter asked, "when you control the only image of the re-swearing - there's nobody in there but four print reporters, there's no stills, there's no television? And the only recording that comes out, as I understand it, is one that a reporter made, not one that the White House supplied."

....then he gets in a word fight with Limboob. As if that guy needs more pub. Good grief, that was just plain stoooopid.

Obongo supporters must be scratching thier heads and thinking 'WTF?'

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