Monday, May 4, 2009

The passion of the Heist...

A few thoughts on organized religion is in order.

Today, I read the Vatican and 'Catholics' are upset that Dan Brown's book, now movie 'Angels and Demons' is getting released later this month. Let me be clear to those 'offended Catholics', why dont you go fuck off?

I myself was read the last rites as a premature infant, even though my Mother 'left' the church. Or, more specifically, the 'church' left here when she married a divorcee. My older brother is a practicing Catholic, and many of my good friends are. But, if they were to get bent about this stupid flick, I would have to 'splain a little about this big old world to them. Things that I have witnessed myself.

I was christened Catholic, reborn Baptist and I have not even christened or baptised my own child. I wont 'refuse' to do it, if the old ball and chain wants to go through that ridiculous event, fine, I'll sacrifice ONE sunday, as long as it's not football season.

But, get the hell over it already. The entire premise of a 'virgin birth' is laughable. The Catholic Church and specifically, the Vatican, can go pound sand. More harm has been done to Latin America by the subjegative sword in ther name of some Pope, then by famous antisemite Catholic Mel Gibson's horrible movie. To actively hide child molesters has led to thier demise in this country. You may be 'born' a Catholic, but I cannot see any 'new adult members' anytime soon. If anything, the American populace is becoming more secular with each passing year.

I watched this documentary by Nancy Pelosi's little horrible child about Ted Haggard. It's called 'The Trials of Ted Haggard', and I suggest checking it out. What struck me most ( other then Pelosi's glee at his demise )was how his 'evangelical' church treated him after they found out he was a homo. Or as he puts it 'Still struggling with Same Sex addiction'....Riiiiiight..

He was exiled from Colorado, and universally despised. Lost his church, everything. He now sells Life Insurance. Right there is some incredible Irony.

The only stewards of peace I've seen that is 'organized' is the "Theravada Buddhism' that inhabits most of the Far East. But even this fine school of thought has it's thorns. Women cannot become Forest Monks, only men.

In my opinion, when a religion nut's up over some silly fictional book ( see Rushkie ) it either shows that what the book says is probably closer to the mark, or worse yet, that this church is in fact, not a church. Most likely a 'Whore of Babylon'. Look that on up for a good chuckle.

Organized religion is indeed the opiate of the masses. The dumb masses. That's a hard thing for a 'conservative' to say.

let's leave on a high note:

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