Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Mosque and religion in general.

"That they have the right to build a Mosque near ground zero says everything you need to know about the USA. That they are going to build it anyways, says everything
you need to know about Islam." Dennis Miller

It really does not get any simpler then that. I believe they absolutely have a right
to build that 'Community Center' right there. It just seems like a douchebag thing
to do. IF they would come out and say 'You know what? In the name of being sensitive,
were going to not put that Mosque there' they would be heroes and ALL of us would love them. This is the country of the 'second chance' after all. But, they wont, and the 'rest' of the 'moderate' Muslims will not condemn them for it.

I liken this to the Catholic Church. They have a 'unnatural' relationship within thier ranks. It is not 'natural' to be Celibate, either way. Nature demands it. But, when you put a culture in there that is 'unnatural', after a time then it damages the religion. When the Vatican hid this problem, it was exposed to the World, and the Catholic Curch rightfully took a hit.

When Southern Christians did not object to the KKK using the Confederate Flag, they lost the right to counter those that are 'offended' by it. They did not work quickly enough to oust the KKK members from thier Protestant Churches. Some of those Deacons wore sheets, and subjectagted Blacks. This unnatural philosophy has made it impossible for anyone to take a person defending the Battle Flag of the Confederacy to a blck person today seriously...

It did the same in Islam. By forcing the subjectation of women, it has damaged it's followers. By taking away a womans image, and hiding it under a sheet, it teaches young men it is okay to think of mommy as 'property'. This, in turn leads to it being easier to convince young desperate men to do unimaginable things.

But, until the 'Moderate' faction of Islam confronts it's wildcard, then they will continue to be viewed like Rednecks who endorse Bigotry, and are undeserving of sympathy. Sometimes, I do hear an impassioned plea from "moderates', but it seems it's always followed by '....but America must be aware of how it has hurt _____'. Screw that.

If the followers of Islam want to be accepted, they must do this.

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bubba bark said...

mr lee,

first of all, greetings

second, you are far more inteligent than the "pantsless" man i had origionally thought

since i left the army i have found myself shaking my head at the world so many times that the screws that were already loose have turned into misshaped lumps of metal

people annoy me, but no one does it more than the "righteous", of any religion

i have witnessed religions in several forms, in several countries, and, if i am to be honest, i am very happy to have done so with a weapon in my hand, because, ultimately, if not unfortunately, it never really comes down to a matter of faith, it's all about who is left standing after the gun fire stops echoing

in a manner of speaking, you "preach" peace, and while i agree wholeheartedly with your post, i once again, shake my head, not at you, but at those who may read it and not give a damn and at those who will never see it

my hope is that someday enough people will think more like you than like me

until then, my gun is always within my reach

just one more thing i have to shake my head about