Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pandora's Box

here is the problem with sites like 'Snopes' and "Crooksandliars' on the left.

Look at this snopes page about Barry's famous gaffe, '57 states':

Now, it's very clever but transparent attempt to sideline this obvious gaffe by stating that 'Obama meant to say 57 Islamic States' does 2 things. First, it covers for the awful fact that without a teleprompter, the Great One with the Golden Tongue is pretty on par with the former gaffe-machine, W. Obama did not have his prompter, and he MEANT 57 United States. Which is, pretty 'W' or 'Sarah Palin' -like ( *wink*) It also uses a classic 'strawman argument', which is something the left screams about ad nauseum. If I was a staffer during the campaign, and my candidate did something this dumb, I would create an even DUMBER 'internet rumour' so Snopes would have to print 'mixture of true and false information', thereby diluting a Snopes reference as 'true' to a weaker 'maybe'. Get it?

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