Saturday, August 22, 2009


thoughts on the preseason game vs the Spams:

* God protect Matt Ryan, because if he goes down, we're in deep doo-doo. Redman hasn't impressed me the past two preseasons, but Shockley clearly isn't capable of winning a game for us if needed. The kid's just not progressing and this is his 4th year.

* Mike Peterson might not be as fast as we'd like, but I love how he hits. He had a rough tackle on a play near the sideline and later he stepped up into a hole to engage the RB like Brooking hadn't done in 10 years. If he keeps that up, we'll get along just fine.

* For that matter, why was Nicholas not used more last year? The kid looked like he's ready to roll.

* Gonzalez caught every ball thrown in his direction. That touchdown was super easy. I'm glad Mularkey and Ryan made a point of getting him that touchdown.

* Grimes could have had a couple interceptions but I'm not too worried about his hands. The more important thing is that he's able to get into position to make those picks. On that low pass on the sideline, he showed that change of direction that the coaches must love about him.

* Romberg was starting in place of McClure. Not sure why, but I assume something injury-related. He looked ok.

* Laurent Robinson got some catches against Grimes and Jackson in the first half. I always liked Reach. I thought Jackson looked a bit uncomfortable playing CB on the outside, rather than his usual nickel role.

* Owens got hit for another TD. Not sure what to make of that. Middleton's sector was a little quieter.

* Kroy Biermann keeps showing up on the screen. He was the first one down in coverage on a punt. Why can't Anderson play special teams?

* I'm annoyed by the number of 3rd down conversions made by the opposition, but just remember that when those 3rd downs happen in the regular season, John Abraham will be on the field. Another good reason to carry 5 DEs, to rest him as much as possible.

* Sidbury would have made the team anyway, but tonight didn't hurt.

* I honestly find very little difference between Anderson and Davis. Davis is an average DE at best, but there's nothing wrong with paying a league-average guy a league-average wage. Davis is not the answer to our pass-rushing issues either, but he's fine when used in a rotation.

* I'll have to check the stats, but it seemed like the run defense was great in the first half. The DL and the LBs and even the safeties were getting after it and not waiting for the offense to come to them.

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