Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Franken beats Limbaugh! Olbermann beats OReilly!

God these guys are so funny. I recall my brother in law trumpeting the news that Al Franken beat Rush Limbaugh on Error Amerika waaay back...Of course, he then had to 'splain that Franken beat Rush in a trend, not a book, and he did it with 'the money demo'25-54 Men. *rolls eyes here*

I tried to explain that the money demo in talk radio skews older then in TV. That's why when you travel this grat country and you listen to the commercials in issue oriented talk radio: they aren't for snowboards and tatoo parlors. Or slip and fall lawyers. It usually is for 'buy gold now' here's a great retirement village, golf course, or erectile dysfunction. Now common sense tells you that the 'money demo' is not buying that crap. But, try explaining that to a 'progressive'.

These guys are just hilarious. They cannot stand it that the vast majority simply chooses not to tune in, and instead tunes in by great numbers to thier rivals. This is truly sad stuff.

So, rejoice under 35 men with feckles and a peg leg: MSNBC has your money demo locked in! Dance a jig!

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