Friday, January 22, 2010

A sad day indeed.

Well, Err Amerika finally went belly up.

What a shocker. That was a screwed pooch from the get-go. I actually had some naive fellow recommend to me that I should go and try to get in 'on the ground floor' at the Atlanta affiliate in 2003! Then, when that affiliate got bought by a rich Jewish baker and he turned it into 'The Voice of the Arts' here (and gave precious airwave time to local bands and voices), the usual suspects all claimed it was a 'conspiracy' to shut down the new Progressive Voice of Atlanta.

What was apparent and remains so is the simple fact that progressives like NPR over manufactured imitations of right wing talk. Not very hard to see, unless you have blinders on.

In the same vein, I hate to defend Glenn Beck but he is getting much flak from these remarks:

I didn't hear the speech live, but my wife did and thought Brown was drunk. She did not consider his remarks 'cute'. Creepy was the exact word she used. And she knows creepy. She married it after meeting my Dad. This is exactly something my Father would have said. That's why he shouldn't have been an elected official.

When I heard it on Becks program on the drive home, I thought it sounded creepy to.

I read today that the net and all the talkers are upset, including Scott Brown himself. There is talk these two mental giants may do an interview together today. Perhaps there will be more fireworks!

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