Thursday, January 21, 2010

WTG, Obama.

I would be lying if I stated that watching the recent Mass race didn't get a chuckle or two.. First, all the good election stuff ALWAYS happens when I'm on vacation. Still, I got to catch MSNBC @ Disney because they do not air anything other then ABC,NBC and ESPN at the resorts, no CBS or, of course, Fox News.

Watching Maddow and Matthews decontruct the loss was downright hilarious. They air ALL of Croakley's concession speech, but not all of Brown's vitory speech. Which is doubly funny, becuase he immediately stepped into it pimping out his daughter. Creepy.

So as I got home, I searched out all the loons that were convinced that W 'stole' the election in 2000 AND 2004. Of course, they never fail to amuse:

"I think you have a right to know that Coakley won the hand counts there.

That's right.

According to preliminary media results by municipality, Democrat Martha Coakley won Massachusetts overall in its hand counted locations,* with 51.12% of the vote (32,247 hand counted votes) to Brown's 30,136, which garnered him 47.77% of hand counted votes. Margin: 3.35% lead for Coakley."

BlackBox voting. Remember them? Right from the start, they were crying foul. Well, eventually even they had to admit ( although how this is an 'admission' is beyond me, it's very similar to the non apology apology....


Actually, I think any intellectually honest person will see that Brown garnered financing and executed brilliantly, and that's just politics.

He probably DID win. In 71 Massachusetts locations we could watch the counting (woops, he lost those, overall). But in 277 locations, the counting was on computerized voting machines and concealed from the public.

So we can never really know who won, and that is unfair to both Scott Brown and Martha Coakley. But it's most unfair to the citizens of Massachusetts, who have an inalienable right to choose their own governance. You can't hold sovereignty over the choosing process if you can't see it. "

Good grief. So the next election cycle, when HBO airs it's 'Hacking Democracy' special, remember this broad! Bev Harris...Ahhh, good times.

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