Friday, September 18, 2009

Good For Obama!

No more imaginary 'Star Wars' shield for Europe. Obama made the right choice.

The missile system stood to increase the conflict with Russia, possibly leading to new mini-cold war. It did more harm than good. We don't need to defend Europe, they have the European union with more money and without the 10 trillion dollars in debt. And Iran isn't going to blindly attack Poland, that's completely retarded, and they understand it would be suicide. We don't need to waste money building missile systems in other countries that only cause conflict.

We need a safe, secure global marketplace with a stable US government financial system. By canceling this mythical missile shield that serves only to antagonize Russia without providing any real defense against an Iranian threat, Obama has saved us money and made steps toward a more secure globe.

I cant understand how the same people who demand we stop spending are now complaining we are selling out Poland.

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