Monday, September 21, 2009

We need a smaller tent

Having been a longstanding Libertarian ( read: sent $$$ )it troubles me now to see the influx of conservatives into the Libertarian Party.

When Bill Clinton won his first term, I voted Perot.
When he won his second term, I became a true Libertarian.

Even after 9-11, when my party had it's convention here in the ATL, I argued against guys like former editor Sugg of the now bankrupt Creative Loafing about sending troops into Afghanistan. The fires at ground zero were not even out yet, and half of our party was arguing that we should not use the military to get Osama, instead leave that to the CIA. The CIA?!!! Now the argument is that the CIA tortured people!!!

Well, now isn't it more then a little amazing how many folks just recently 'became' an independant?

Like Boortz, for example. He told his listeners NOT to vote Libertarian in the last 2 POTUS elections. Of course, he is 'independant'...

I did not support the Iraq war. I argued against it on the Atlanta airwaves.

I support decriminalization, and 2nd amendment rights. I used to be pro death penalty, but after witnessing the DNA reversals I now do not. I am prochoice.

I dont care about gay marriage. I dont know anyone that really does!

So, if I do not support the current President, what does that make me now?

It's very convenient that so many GOP rubes are now 'independant'.

Good Grief.

On another topic: How Bout Dem Falcons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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