Friday, March 27, 2009

Seeing beauty through the eyes of the child.

ever since the lad was born, he has been surrounded by beautiful women. Not 'pretty', but jaw dropping, staggering loveliness.

Even his first pediatrician was a hottie.

His first 'teacher' @ Walden stood taller then me and looked strikingly like a cross between J Lo and Indian Model Padma Lakshmi, without the fake rack. She is an awesome single woman that was born in South America but raised on the West Coast.

Now, Paul is in the 'middle' class. He has a slew of unbelievable lasses that attends to his every need. One of his new teachers looks, and I kid you not: exactly like a younger, cleaner Tera Patrick.

Every day when I go to pick him up he is showered with affection from the prettiest and nicest females ever: incredibly hot chicks that work with special needs children.

Now, I realize it's creepy, but I'm still a man, and these ladies would have been square in my sights 20 years ago. But all I can do now is look from afar, not seem like I'm 'staring', and silently hope that when he gets a hug and a kiss goodbye, he's getting an understanding of how lucky a little bastard he is.

I don't know how older guys that go to college, or even teach there, can deal.

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