Friday, March 20, 2009

TP or PC?

6:37 am.

Good Grief, I hope that the echo chamber of AM talk does not get it's collective ass up on it's shoulders over Obama's stupid 'special olympics' remark....But something tells me they will.

When my child was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum at 18 months, I jokingly said to my wife ' I love my little tard, and I will love that tard baby until I die!'. Needless to say, it was not warmly received.

I tried to explain that at some time in Paul's life, he is going to hear the word. I want to render it impotent by using it in comedy. This is a time honored self depricating tradition. All people poke fun at thier shortcomings to alleviate shame....But, I was given a lesson in 'bad taste'. I have 'no filter' or say 'inappropriate' things.

This is not Obama's first tasteless remark. The press gave him a pass when he indicated that he would need to have a seance with Nancy if he had to consult with Reagan regarding the presidency.

And you thought only Biden needs a handler. You put the Democrat leaders (Barney, Obama, Pelolosi, Cox,Reid, Rangel) in one room and it reminds me of that bar scene in a Star Wars Obama might say a special olympics convention.

Say what you want about Bush,if he had uttered these words, what do you think the response would be?

Maybe without the teleprompter, Barry is not that special after all?

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Arthur Willoughby said...

I thought the comment was fine. Every time I'm gung-ho behind a leader I'm diametrically opposed to, everyone gangs up on them.

It was a JOKE.