Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Paddy's

Well, tonight I will be doing the 2nd Paddysfest @ Steinbecks!

During my visit to Orlando, I dined @ Raglan Road, a fancy Irish pub complete with entertainment..Only the 3 piece ensemble did only 'acceptable' Irish music: no rebel songs. No 'Molly Malone' or 'Fields of Athenry'. Only non-offensive 'Danny Boy' type songs.

Folks, the Irish catalogue is not complete without playing both types.

Now, I wonder what the 'American' themed bar @ Disney Tokyo or France displays? How could you celebrate the USA while overlooking the Civil War? I would hope to hear 'Bonnie Blue Flag' or 'Johnny comes marching home'in there.

Also, whassup wid dat, Walt? I mean YOU were the anti-semite that made 'Song of the South' for chrissakes. How about a little 'imagination' here?

But, you gotta love long haired big breasted Irish dancers!~

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