Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hypocrit with a capital 'Tea'

As a fellow traveller I have to admit I am a little embarrased about these idiotic 'Tea Parties'.

Listen, does it strike anyone as odd that the conservatives are coming out NOW?

Last time I checked, W had 3 branches of Govt for 6 YEARS! Why didn't you come out on 'Tax Day' LAST YEAR? How about in 2004, when W broke the goddamned spending ceiling?! But now that Obama is in, NOW were going to 'protest'? Really?!

IMHO, this makes us look BAD. It's borderline stupid at best.

Ooooh....Now Glenn Beck is a Libertarian!

How convenient. Too bad he was insulting Ron Paul in the primaries, now that Obama is in, Glenn's in love with the good doctor. This is almost as bad as hearing Rush describe Jerry Garcia as a 'dead doper' the day after he died. While he was hooked on hillbilly heroin.

The thing that bothers me even more is seeing parents with thier 2 or 3 year old in attendance. That's just wrong. First: they don't even have a concept of geopolitics, and it is this kind of brainwashing that I resent on both the left and the right. I hate seeing hippies with thier offspring at a anti-war rally, but I can understand that a little more I guess. They aren't supposed to be that smart. BUt seeing JOe the Dumber with his kid on his shoulder watching this crap is awful. I know, it's not a 'hate Obama' rally, but honestly, look around at the crowds and let's try that again.

Uh huh. Riiiiiight.

Anyone who takes thier kids to a political rally like this is a bad parent. That's not even discussing the possibility that they put thier own kids in a possibly precarious situation that they did not have to endure. This is Georgia, folks. One loud backfire and it's open season. I gay ron tee there were plenty of handguns around, and heated political speech at night downtown. That scares the hell out of me. This is looking similar to Munich circa the Beer Hall Putch.

All of those self important,victimized white folks that think they were doing something 'noble', that think they are 'making a difference', you are fools. We had 6 years to 'protest' but we waited for the new administration to take to the streets.

Kinda like how all the anti war loons were strangely quiet when Slick Willie was lobbing cruise missiles into the Slavs, to start bitching now about Obama after what Bush Jr did ia hypocritical and ugly.

God help us all.

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