Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Venezuela Jails and Snave

I've been hearing alot lately about how Hugo Chavez was in fact, not a 'dictator' but an elected leader 3 times over...How he is not an 'enemy' of the USA. Why, he even offered heating oil for our 'poor people'! Our own Oil companies didn't, did they?

But, I find that the true humanitaran nature of a country can be seen in it's prison system. My good friend, a Mudcat Founding Member and one of the stupidest smart people I've ever met recently was a 'guest of the State' in Los Teques Prison for trying to smuggle coke out of Venezuela.

Interstingly enough, despite the hardships of 18 months in LT Prison, he would prefer that to being held here in our own Fed Prison system.

Down there, if you have $$$ you can survive, get anything you want, instruments, drugs, women... Sure, the food sucks and the scenery is terrible, but it is not 'dehumanizing'.

Here, it's tedium and condescension in an Orange jumpsuit, there it's adventure and an emotional roller coaster, but if you've got the $$$ you'll get by. And I find this Ironic considering the anti-Capitalist sentiments of the 'great elected leader', Hugo.

So without further ado: get a beverage, pull up a chair and prepare to be entertained by this story of suspense, intrigue, and heartbreak. I give you

Snave Goes to Jail!

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