Monday, April 20, 2009


Here's the reaction as Achmedinnerjacket says "the United States and Europe had helped establish Israel after World War II and victimize Palestinians under the pretext of Jewish suffering."

My response to that asshole:

I just do not understand 'deniers'.Clearly, by 1942 we had enough technology that if there were decent claims about the numbers of dead being smaller, it would have come to the surface. We have video's of German citizens being forced to dig up the carcasses of the slaughtered Jews. For Christ Sake, enough already. Isreal needsto take out Iran, and Obama better 'shuf his mouf', if you know what I'm sayin.

Now, Obama is helping Chavez sell his propaganda.

Nice, huh?

Bow to Saudi King, shake hands with Chavez, try to be friends with Iraq despite the fact of a threat of a nuclear weapon, cut missle defense after N. Korea tests launch, no longer have war on terror - rename it as overseas contingency operation, cant call the real terrorist a 'terrorist', but issue DHS report grouping American Vets and American citizens with a different philosophy as a potential threat!

Oh well. At least there is some joy in mudville.

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