Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Methink Thou Dost Protest 2 Much....

G20. Tea Parties. No escalation in Afhanistan.

'Free ( fill in death row inmates name here)'

Ahh, that Universal event for dissaffected youths and thie Useful Idiots.

I was young once too.

I recall as a young man going with my Buddy Danny Mudcat to numerous 'protests' by Greenpeace. Then we would all retire to some hippy chicks house or aprtment, smoke alot of weed, try to get laid and played alot of drum heavy music. I can say for most of the crowd, there were only a handful that truly understood what exactly was going on.

When I worked in Talk Radio, I often went to the early 'No War in Iraq' protests @ Colony Square.

I was not for troops in Iraq, but I was for going into Afghanistan. This was 2003-04 and my Party was having it's convention in ATL, and half the libertarians were strict isolationist ( no war in Afghanistan! ) or supporting trrops there but not in Iraq. It actually split the party and did alot of damage.

Somehow at all these 'protests' there were different messages: at the anti war rally I heard speakers talk about how bad coal is, pro choice statements, and no G20 'Global Currency'. This put me off, as I was there to protest the Iraq War, so I went home.

I always looked at protestors concerning the G20 as a bunch of middle class angst filled kids looking for an excuse to get out of hand. But now it truly does appear that were moving towards a Global Currency. And the crowds are getting more and more violent overseas.

What is equally sorry are these regional 'Tea Parties'. Good grief, folks. Get a clue. All your accomplishing here is making yourselves feel better and improving Lipton's Stock. I know it sounds hypocritical, but the effort would have made more sense to find, train and fund new GOP politicians that hold true to the platform. Not go out in the rain with a bunch of stupid signs and teabags.

But then there are the lunatic fringe of the left protests. Nothing can beat these guys.

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